Horse Show Coverage

FOR HORSE SHOW COMMITTEE looking for an experienced Show Photographer for your horse show

WHAT WE PHOTOGRAPH: I will be IN THE RING* photographing as many exhibitors as possible throughout the entire show, and taking Candids too. Ribbon and Award photos are taken whenever possible. PORTRAITS are available on request.

- Show committee agrees to have just one official show photographer at the show and no other photographers are allowed to solicit exhibitors for photos.
- I do not charge the Show Committee/Club a fee to be the Show Photographer and I do not pay a vendor fee.
- I have a 10x10 tent and Photo Table that I need to set up in a prominent location on the showgrounds.
- I will be allowed in the ring during classes*
- If an exhibitor contact list is available to share with me (Rider# and email) that is super helpful. I will use Only to send exhibitors a One Time email with a link to their photo proofs.
- Paying for a hotel room is nice, but not required.

Show Photos:
hotos are posted on-line for exhibitors to view/purchase during the show or within a few days after the show.
- I always offer exhibitors a Show Special Photo Package at a discounted price.
- Contact me if your club would like images donated to use on social media, or if your club would like to purchase prints to be used as awards.

* For Dressage, Reining, and some other classes we do NOT go in the ring. We will photograph from outside the ring to capture the best moments of the rides.

For EXHIBITORS: Looking for a Personal Photographer at the show

I am available to be hired as a personal photographer for you or your barn group. I will capture your performances in the classes, take stunning portraits, capture candid moments, and fulfill any special requests you may have. You'll have my undivided attention and expertise to provide you with a ton of images that will be a beautiful memory of your show day.

1 horse - Full day (up to 12 hours) $1,200 Per Day
1 horse - Half day (up to 6 hours) $750 Per Day
Group of 2-3 Horses
(up to 12 hours) $2,000 Per Day
Each additional Horse 4+
(up to 12 hours) ADD $300 Per Day

- Digital download of ALL Photos I took during each day (Not edited)
- Your pick of 10 images to be edited Per horse/Per day

All Photo Images are Social Media quality
High resolution images, prints, and photo-books may be purchased separately

PLEASE NOTE: that subject to Show Rules I might not be allowed IN the ring and this can impact photographs.